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Retail Operations – Bakery

I am tired but, it might be because I have had a couple of pretty long days.

Working in the bakery was a lot of fun! It was fast paced at times and slow at others. It was great to see how the bakery works and, what happens ‘in front of the curtain’ as opposed to being down in the lab ‘behind the curtain’ baking products to be sold. I liked how the stations were divided and how they worked as you could get a feel for what it will be like when we get into a commercial bakery.
It’s kind of sad that the two weeks are up and that we won’t get to see the regular customers on a daily basis anymore.

I have learnt that the lab and the bakery go hand in hand. If there is a glitch in the lab, it affects the bakery and customers with it.
I have also learned how to better serve and interact with the public. It is so much fun helping people any ways you can and answering their questions about the products.

In customer service, I was most proud of the the number of orders I accumulated while interacting, helping, & talking with the customers. Also helping them have the best experience in the bakery possible. Focusing all of your attention on the customers is another thing that I am proud of. I like helping customers because you kind of get a rush from helping people and making their day better.

For the merchandising project, we choose to do Alice in Wonderland for our theme. We chose it because the classroom is filled (well, consists of) with a lot of things that just SCREAM Alice in Wonderland.
We made Queen of Hearts Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes and sold them in sets of 3. If you bought a 2 boxes (6 cupcakes) you got a bag of (eat me) cookies free. We sold a lot of cupcakes but also gave away a nice sum of samples. We interacted well with the customers and answered any questions they had about our items.

In the next two weeks, in addition to being back in the lab and starting to bake again. I am looking forward to not being sardined on the train when I commute to school. I also look forward to getting off school earlier then 2:30pm.
Filling the orders that our classmates acquire will be interesting, new, and an important responsibility. It will be an new challenge to master and enjoy.

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