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Lamination – Proofing & Baking

on May 14, 2014

As we continue our tour of the the Lamination Station,  we come to the part about how to properly proof and bake off our processed laminated doughs.

Some challenges that may be encountered when proofing laminated yeast dough are,  the dreaded weeping of fat, and the formation of a skin on your dough if  proofed at too low of a temperature.

When proofing laminated yeast doughs, a good practice to put into practice is to proof  them at room temperature. This is so that it won’t be too warm (fat will melt), or too cold (the yeast will retard). When doing this, it is also a good practice to put a cover over your items (or a jacket over the rack where they sit proofing), in order to prevent a skin from forming on your products.

When dealing with frozen Danishes & Croissants,  you should first slowly thaw them in a fridge overnight. If  wanted, you could also thaw them at room temperature, but you must ensure that they remain skinless at all times. Once it has thawed,  proof and bake as usual (like if it had never been frozen).

You may bake off still frozen puff pastry immediately! However, baking time will increase.

Next stop: Aeration & Emulsification


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