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Decoration & Design

on June 21, 2014

These last few weeks have been on cake decorating and all that goes with it. From how to properly hold a straight spatula, how to mask a cake, how to pipe choux, to how to pipe roses out of Italian buttercream, and everything in between! I have learned so much!

I went to Gizella Bakery and met with the Production Manager, Diego Crameri. Gizella is a supplier to many places, such as Costco (across Canada)  McDonalds, T&T, IGA, & Dairy Queen, among others. Since they are a supplier, they do not have any showcases or displays.

They strictly only make cakes and desserts which are all frozen.

Their best seller is Cheesecake, which are made many different sizes from as small as 2 1/2″ – tray size.  They also make desserts such layer cakes, birthday cakes, mousse cakes, red velvet cakes, & brownies, amongst other things.

While I was at Gizella, I was taken on a tour of the factory. While on that tour, I found it interesting and new, that some of the work is done by machine, such as the swirling of cakes, & the depositing of fudge to be spread evenly.

Diego mentioned that even though the machines do some of the work for you, the principals of baking still apply. This is something I will definitely keep in mind.

When creating new cakes, it depends on the customer wants. Some of their flavours are,  Chocolate, White Chocolate, & Banana amongst others.

All of the desserts at Gizella are kept elegant, professional and clean, which is what I need to continue to improve on. Simple is usually better than a loud, wild cake, it is also visually more appealing and appetizing.
Since they make such large batches (300-600 kg), they cannot sweat the small stuff like we do here at VCC. I will also keep this in mind.

Sticking to the things that I have learned such as, keeping the cake elegant and clean,  keeping it simple, and using colours (in reasonable quantities, and shades) when needed, with produce flawless cakes time and time again.


Below are some of the deserts that they make. As I was not allowed to take pictures, these pictures were given to me.

Green Tea Cheesecake


Black Forest Cake

image image

More Cheesecakes!


Unlike most stores where the picture on the box doesn’t always give you an accurate portrayal of what the product looks like, at Gizella’s, the box and the contained dessert are usually identical




Thank you to all my classmates! It has been a privilege to work, study and ‘chill’ with you. I will miss being in class with all of you greatly.




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