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Chocolate & Confections Part 2: Chocolate Businesses

on July 3, 2015

Thomas Haas: North Shore [North Vancouver] Store: Unit 128, 998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3T2 Kitsilano Store: 2539 West Broadway Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E9

Similar Products: They sell a product called Dark Bark which is really just a really bug chunk of Knackerli. It is kind of different as it has nuts & dried fruits inside the chocolate as well as on the outside, whereas Knackerli only have them on the top, and are limited to one of each kind of “topping.” The Mango Coconut truffle is made of white chocolate, & looks almost the same as the Lemon Truffles we made, except that it contains hints of coconut and contains a mango ganache instead of a lemon one.

Products I might be interested in buying: The Marc de Champagne Truffle sound really good, and looks like a powdered Timbit. I would like to try it because the description sounds really interesting, yet good (“Milk chocolate ganache perfumed with Champagne, and eau de vie from Champagne grapes.”.)

Beta 5: 413 Industrial Ave. Vancouver, BC

Similar Products: They sell hand wrapped caramels. Unlike the caramel mous, they aren’t covered in chocolate.

Products I might be interested in buying: I would like to try the Strawberry-Camomile chocolate as it sounds like it would be good (strawberry jelly with camomile infused white chocolate ganache), and also because it looks very apealing.

Chocolate Arts: 1620 West 3rd Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia

Similar Products: They have a product called Leaf. It it very similar to the flat molded chocolates we made, except that theirs is highlighted with a different chocolate (in this case dark chocolate is highlighted on milk chocolate). Their chocolate called Palette is almost identical to Knackerli, except that they don’t put pistachios on them. The Splinter chocolate is identical to the Almond Clusters that we have made, except we only use almonds in them while they use almonds, pecans, & pistachios in theirs.

Products I might be interested in buying: Cocoa bean wafer (dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, & cocoa) as it looks very interesting, and by the description sound really good. It would be like going back to the “roots” of chocolate.


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