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Dessert Cakes

on July 24, 2015

These last 3 weeks have been all about dessert cakes. What kind of dessert cakes you may ask? All sorts of dessert cakes! Some of the cakes that were made were Concord cakes, Cheesecakes, Mousse cakes, and cakes such as Sacher, & St. Honorè!

Part 1:

In this course I learned that sometimes simple decorations are the best. I also learned how to make different types of cakes, such as baked cheesecake, tiramisu, Sacher torte, etc. In addition to that, I also learned how better to make a bavarian “cream.”

In relation to costing, I learned that some things are really expensive in terms of how much of the item is actually usuable. There were no costs that affected my choice of flavour or design.

I choose the Piña Colada flavour combination mostly because a Piña Colada is a very summery drink, and it is currently summer.

I think that my cakes came out well, the 6″ reminds me of a wedding on the beach. As for the costing, the 6″ is priced too low, but the slices are priced accurately.

If I were ever to do this cake again, I’d add more sugar to the coconut layer because the coconut layer isn’t sweet enough, & I’d make a full recipe of mousse instead of reducing it, so that I can fill the cake all the way to the top, and to be able to add a little more space between the 2nd cake layer, and the coconut layer. I’d also try to make sure that there were no gaps in the sides of my cake.

Piña Colada Mousse Cake Recipe – Makes 1- 8″ cake, & 1- 6″ cake

Jelly Roll

Eggs, Whole – 450g
Sugar, Granulated – 263g
Flour, Pastry – 175g

Use Plain Sponge Method
Pour onto tray lined with parchment, and spread evenly out evenly
Bake at 220°C (430°F) until golden brown (7-9 minutes)
When cool, cut out 1- 7″ circle, 1- 8″ circle, & 2- 6″ circles.
Cut down the 6″ circles so that one is a bit smaller than the 6″ cake ring, and the other is smaller than the first. Cut down the 8″ circle so that it is a bit smaller than the 8″ cake ring
Set aside

Pineapple Mousse

Milk – 450g
Egg Yolks – 5 (100g)
Sugar, Granulated – 80g
Gelatin Leaves – 10 (20g)
Purée, Pineapple – 450g
Whipping Cream, Whipped – 450g

Use Bavarian Method, make sure mixture is heated to the Rose Stage
Place in ice bath to cool it, but not yet set
Fold in whipped cream, use immediately

Coconut Layer

Coconut Milk- 400g
Medium Coconut – 80g
Coconut Meat – 100g
Sugar, Granulated – 20g
Gelatin Leaves – 5 (10g)

Heat Coconut Milk, & shredded coconut
Add in gelatin, still completely dissolved
Pour into molds, place coconut meat mixed with sugar into the mixture
Freeze till solid
Once solid, cut one disc down to fit into the 6″ ring (disc should be smaller than the ring)


Purée, Pineapple – 88g
Miroir – 135g

Bring to a boil, then pour over cake


Make a collar around the cake rings
Line rings with acetate
Place jelly roll cake circles in the rings
Lightly drench cake circles with Malibu Rum drenching syrup (Malibu Rum mixed with simple syrup)
Pour on a layer of mousse, then place coconut layer, & press down firmly.
Add next layer of mousse, then last layer of jelly roll. Use remaining mousse to fill to the top
Pour miroir on top
Decorate with Pineapple wedges, toasted shredded coconut, & toasted coconut ribbon

imageimage imageimage

Part 2:

At the end of week 2, we went on a field trip to some local bakeries/patisseries. We went to Ganache, Small Victory, Faubourg, & Thierry. While we were at Ganache, I noticed how small your work spaces can be. Peter Fong gave us a small tour of the facility, talked to us about the business, and aboutanswered our questions. Neither Thierry nor Faubourg had anyone to show us around, but that was ok. My favourite place on the field trip, was when we went to Small Victory. It has more of a layed back atmosphere, and I like it. At Small Victory, the employee’s work space looked larger than all the rest of the other bakeries we visited.

Overall, I think my plan worked out really well as I achieved what I had set out to do. However, I changed a few things about my cake, but they were for the better. I changed some of my decorating plans.

One of my proudest moments was when I took my cheesecakes out of the oven, & saw that they weren’t cracked! Some of my other proud moments include the decoration on my 6″ Signature Cake, & my finished Tiramisus


The theoretical understanding of concepts that I have gained helps me be more successful in the lab by knowing how to fix things when things go awry. It also helps me perfect products without many mishaps.

Two cakes that I hope to improve on/would work well in a small version are the opera cake, and tiramisu.

image image


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