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Malaysian Escape

on August 22, 2015

Malaysian Escape is a semi-fine dining experience. We serve authentic Malaysian cuisine that is affordable, but still has a classy element to it. As a medium-sized restaurant, we aim to serve a varied clientele.  Our dessert menu is Malaysian, but with a twist!

Cendol                                                                                                                                                     $7

A favourite among Malaysians, it’s no wonder it was declared a Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage! Cendol features green jelly like strands under a generous amount of shaved ice, coconut milk & delicious gula melaka. It is accompanied by a pandan leaf, fresh mango cubes along with mango and coconut pearls.* A true delight!

*Mango & coconut pearls served when available

Mangolicious Cheesecake                                                                                                                   $8

A mango cheesecake to rule them all! Served with mango sauce, fresh raspberries, a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate decorations, and a spiral tuille. Needless to say, it’s incredibly tasty!

Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Cake                                                                                                   $8

Pomegranates are widely grown, and cultivated in the dryest parts of Malaysia, and a few other countries. So, if you take the humble, yet tantalizing pomegranate, and add dark chocolate, magic happens! Rich, moist, and slightly dense dark chocolate cake surrounded by a dark chocolate ribbon, & topped with fresh pomegranate arils. Served warm with pomegranate coulis, chocolate decorations, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Decadence at it’s finest!

Pineapple White Chocolate Mille Feuille                                                                                             $8

Even though mille feuille is of French origin, you are still able to find it in some bakeries in Malaysia. Delicious pineapple mousse sandwiched between layers of white chocolate sheets. Accompanied by fresh pineapple, a sprig of mint, chocolate decorations, and a dollop of chantilly cream. Perfect for if you are feeling extra classy today!


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