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Catering & Special Orders

on October 9, 2015

Last in class course!! Wooooo!!!

These last 3 weeks have been a refresher on what we have already learned in all the past courses. We got to choose what we wanted to make based on what stations we were at each week.

The stations were: Yeast doughs, Barista, Orders, & General baking. I think the course was organized well, and since I didn’t really have any expectations going into this course, I suppose you could say that they were very easily met. The amount of tours that came through surprised me, I don’t really mind tours, so it didn’t really bother me.

During this course I encountered some challenges such as over baking the Barista peanut butter cookies. They are kind of tricky to bake as when they are done, they still feel soft as if they aren’t quite done. If you leave them in longer, they will get over brown, and when they cool they are pretty hard. I overcame this challenge by learning (by experience) how they feel when they are done.

Skills that I have improved on vary. I have honed my Italian buttercream making skills, communication skills, and organizational skills. I think I have improved most on my hard skills.

At this point I feel quite prepared for work experience. I am looking forward to working with people, and maybe even learning some more tricks of the trade. I am also looking forward to hopefully being able to work with more bread products.

As far as the ITA exam goes, I would highly reccommend MOODLE!!! I would suggest that a student use moodle to study as you can take the quizzes as many times as you’d like. Reading Gisslen (and Rudolph is also good I hear) is also good, but if you are all “textbooked out,” read as much as you can, and use Moodle to help you! Don’t underestimate Moodle’s helpfulness!

Currently capstone is coming along fine, and am fairly certain that I will be finished on time. I will probably be looking for books, as I may need them for further research on my topic. A challenge I am currently facing is how to compile all of my research so that it doesn’t look listy. I will approach this coming challenge by asking my “study buddy,” (and probably friends, & family) for advise. I will do this by sending/showing them a draft, and seeing what they have to say about it. I will be seeking advice/support from my “study buddy” via email.


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