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Hello, and welcome to my very first blog!  My name is Sarah, and I have completed the baking and pastry course at VCC. I help out/co-“lead” the youth group at my church. Some of my hobbies are reading, beading , traveling and baking.

I have always loved baking, but never really considered it as a career until it dawned on me that I like baking much better than I like cooking. Some of my specialties are, Mac & Cheese (from scratch), rice noodles with meatballs, cookies, cupcakes, & various types of breads, among others. I am always borrowing baking related books from the library and trying out the recipes in them.

From my time at VCC, I have learned that I surprisingly like baking bread, more than I like baking almost anything else. One day, I hope to open up my own bakery. As a result of taking the Baking & Pastry course, I have become more skilled, and knowledgeable in the art of baking. I still hope help people as a result of my baking, and through my baking, I hope to share the Light.


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